Prices are ‘from’ depending on length/thickness of the hair and time involved.

For all colours, a minimum of a post colour quick dry is required afterwards. This is priced at £10. This is to ensure your colour is to our highest standard post service. Alternatively a Cleanse & Style or a Cleanse, Cut & Style can be added.

Prices are subject to change.

  • Ladies

    • Artistic Director

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£70.00
      Cleanse & Style£40.00
    • Director

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£52.50
      Cleanse & Style£30.00
    • Senior Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£46.00
      Cleanse & style£24.50
    • Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£42.50
      Cleanse & Style£22.00
    • Graduate Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£31.00
      Cleanse & Style£18.00
  • Gents

    • Artistic Director

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£35.00
    • Director

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£30.00
    • Senior Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£26.00
    • Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£23.50
    • Graduate Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Style£19.50
  • Gender Neutral Haircut

    • Your first visit with us will include a consultation where we can discuss your ideas prior to the haircut. Appointments thereafter will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

    • Artistic Director

      Cleanse, Cut & Styleup to £75.00
    • Director

      Cleanse, Cut & Styleup to £57.50
    • Senior Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut and Styleup to £51.00
    • Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Styleup to £47.50
    • Graduate Stylist

      Cleanse, Cut & Styleup to £36.00
  • Technical Services

    • Highlights

      Full head£90.00
      Half head£72.50
      Quarter head£53.50
    • Balayage

      Full Head£90.00
      Half Head£72.50
      Quarter Head£53.50
    • Colour Services

      Full Head Colour£58.50
      Colour Regrowth£46.50
      Natural Gloss£32.00
      Root Shadow + Toner£32.00
      Men’s Camo Colour£30.00
    • Bleaching

      Full Head Bleach£65.00
      Root Bleach (6 weeks)£48.00
      Root Bleach (over 6 weeks)from £48.00
      Root Shadow + Toner£32.00
    • Treatments

      Clinically proven to remedy any hair issue, our selection of targeted treatments aim to restore and renew even the most damaged locks.

      30-minute Organic Hair Treatment£12.00
      Olaplex Bond Repairing Treatment£40.00
    • Consultation

      This is required for all new colour clients or if you are thinking of changing your regular colour with us. Consultations are free but you may be required to pay a deposit to secure your colour appointment. This service includes a skin test.

      Depositfrom £25

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